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Haroldo Gonzalez

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1941.

Up to date he has made twenty six solo exhibitions and he has participated in more than sixty collective exhibitions.  His artworks have been exhibited at several cities of America, Europe, Japan and Africa:  Montevideo,  Punta del Este,  Buenos Aires,  Santiago de Chile,  New York,  Los Angeles,  New Orleans,  Kansas, Iowa City, Indianapolis,  Austin,  Miami,  Caracas,  Monterrey,  Barcelona,  Rijeka,  London,  Nottingham,  Utrecht,  Antwerp,  Copenhagen,  Reyjavik,  Pretoria,  Toronto,  Vancouver,  Paris, Lincoln CT, Ferrara, Vaduz, Tokio, Anchorage, Bergen-Norge, Houston Tx.,  Brusels Belgium y Maastricht Holland



National Museum of Visual Arts, Montevideo-Uruguay.

National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago-Chile.

Center of Art and Communication (CAYC), Buenos Aires-Argentina.

Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham-England.

Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas-U.S.A..

Kensington Arts Association, Toronto-Canada.

Open Letter Journal Collection, Toronto-Canada.

Letterkundig Museum, Utrecht-Holland.

Alliance Francaise de l´Uruguay, Montevideo-Uruguay.

The University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City. USA.

Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art, Austin-U.S.A..

Juan M. Blanes Museum of Art, Montevideo-Uruguay.

Dodeca Cultural Center, Montevideo-Uruguay.

Document-Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


 INSTALLATIONS  :   Visual  - Audio  - Interactive     

  •  “In which world do you live?  (1971).
  • “Drawing in 5 Lessons”  (1972) 1st Edition (spanish)
  • “Space and Shape”  (1973)
  • “Color-Idea” (1973)
  • “The Great Zoo”  (1973) 1st Edition (spanish)
  • “Drawing in 5 Lessons”  (1998) 2nd Edition (english/spanish)
  • “Clues and Evidences”  (2005)  1st Edition (spanish)
  • “Clues and Evidences”  (2006)  2nd Edition CD  (english)



  • “Drawing in 5 Lessons”  (1972) 1st Edition (spanish)
  • “The Great Zoo”  (1973)1st Edition (spanish)
  • “Drawing in 5 Lessons”  (1998) 2nd Edition (english/spanish)
  • “Clues and Evidences” (2005)   1st Edition (spanish)
  • “Clues and Evidences” (2006)   2nd Edition (english)


Contact :     phone : (598 2) 709 2084