The Hidden Muse by Nick Kello Pause



Isabel Taylor

Community manager


ALICIA HABER, Historiadora, Crítica Arte



Ambrois , María José, artista visual


Alina Tortosa

Art curator, collaborator


INNOVA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promote contemporary visual artists from Uruguay and other countries that show talent, creativity and compromise with their work. Central to INNOVA's mission is to facilitate the appreciation of contemporary art through educational programs available to all kind of audiences. INNOVA will present different forms of visual expression, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, digital art, and performances..


Nuria Kello, Art Space Diretor

Graduated at the School of Fine Arts (CONSUDEC) in Buenos Aires. Graduate certificate in Museum Studies, concentrated in art education. Harvard University. Trained in VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies) in the USA.) Internship at the museum of Fine arts in the especial education department. Since 1997 she is dedicated to VTS, art education program created by Philip Yenawine and Abigail Housen for museums and schools. In 1998 and 2002, she introduced the first Special Education program at the São Paulo Biennal. In 2004 and 2005, artistic an educational coordinator at the Chapel Art Show in São Paulo.

ART graduate, UBA


Has worked at INNOVA since our inauguration assisting with the production of the Exhibitions and in the general gallery.


Alicia Haber

Art Historian, critic and curator from Uruguay For more information go to:
MUVA-Alicia Haber