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Jonathan Hall

Jonathan Hall’s paintings refer to the twenty years of travelling that he has undertaken since he left the Slade School of Art in London, and in particular to the four years he spent sailing across the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean in a small boat with his young family. In all Jonathan Hall has travelled in over fifty countries with his wife and two daughters, and has lived in various countries around the world including 18 months spent living in Montevideo. The activity of travelling and living in various different countries around the world with his family have naturally impacted on Hall’s work, but rather than create paintings of the exotic he has deliberately let domesticity take hold of his compositions.

 ‘After years of searching for source material for my paintings, I feel the material has now sought me out and at last I have a vast barrel of stories and images to throw at a canvas’.

 Jonathan has exhibited at galleries in London including the Royal Academy of Art, Piccadilly.